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Never worry about content challenging and overwhelming to use. Our custom servicing allows us to create any format of content that works for you.


YOU & WE are One

Information becomes stylish when you work with Counted One. Counted One owns years of experience and excellent reputation.

Who We are?

The main requirement of our company is to create products of flexible functionality, We feel the trends of the present, that’s why we introduce the latest in web, technologies, design, content and intellectual properties.

Development of corporate identity and unique web sites, manufacturing of online stores and web applications, Creating original content and IP driven Events. Everything comes together and is Counted One.

What We do?

Counted One never waits for ideal conditions, so we work hard to train and develop our workers. Choosing the best, you get the best.

Our team is not afraid to experiment and dug for new knowledge. Specificity of teamwork is based on continuous dialogue that helps to achieve the perfect interface, We think globally, that enables us to operate effectively at the local level and contribute the changes in the sphere of marketing, communications and original content development.

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We run & operate unique organisations with very specific goals

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